Lessons of Sadness – Videoclip Oficiál

Music and Lyrics by Scott Hendry Jackson
Spoken Voice by Mike Richard (a.k.a. Struggle at the Snuggle Factory)
Saxophone by Wesley Maples
Recorded at Friendly Ghost Studios by Rob Oberdorfer
Camera by Scott and Andrea Verónica
Filmed at La Falda Skatepark, Los Terrones, Cerro Uritorco and Rio Quilpo, Córdoba, Argentina.


Tarot of the Dawn – Forest Trilogy 1/3 (Official Video Clip)

New video

Publicité Fiction – Official Video

New video.

Woodcutters Song – Live on Matemos el Claro de Luna – April 2011

JT Prewitt – New York High School

This is a cover I did of “New York High School”, a song by JT Prewitt. I recorded this in my backyard in N.E. Portland in 2007.

In February 2008, JT and I played a show together in Madrid.

Centurions / Ganji Murci – Live at documentA/Escénicas

Annen Berg en vivo @ Casa 13 – Córdoba, AR

Video streaming by Ustream

00:00 – Lord God Bird (not included)
00:00 – You are Diminished (not included)
00:30 – Understanding the Dawn
04:30 – Hermit / Coven
07:30 – Farewell to Candy
11:50 – Centurions / Ganji Murci
16:00 – Secret of the Poorwill
19:45 – Fade to Black
26:00 – All ALive
28:11 – The Clergy’s Lamentation
32:55 – The Hands
38:30 – Le Dernier Combat
42:00 – Riddles of the Worm
45:35 – Tarot of the Dawn