Annen Berg – Discografía en MP3 (Data Disc with 56 tracks)

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All tracks included in MP3 format in this limited edition Data CD-R:

Riddles of the Worm E.P.
* Le Dernier COmbat
* Riddles of the Worm
* Doom Control

The Lower Orders
* Lord God Bird
* The Bear and the Stag
* El Contrél
* Secret of the Poorwill
* Tarot of the Dawn
* God Save the Queen
* Publicité Fiction
* All Things Must Last (l.a.)
* Blood Wedding
* Lessons of Sadness
* They Ring the Bells (Thulsa Doom)

All Things Must Last
* Wild Plant Stones
* God Emperor of Dune
* The Acolytes
* All Things Must Last
* Followers of the Worm
* Sigils of the Faith
* Pyramids at Dawn
* The Tavern Room
* Prowling the Wasteland
* El Laberinto
* El Contrél
* They Strive
* The Priests
* Riddles of the Worm
* Lessons of Sadness (Real Actors Version)
* Lessons of Sadness (Caius Marcus)
* May We With God’s Help
* Cloudy, That is Flying CLouds
* The Snow Was So Deep
* El Contrél (Versión Castellano)
* They’re Coming For (To Take Me Away)
* Fanfare For Righteous Fury
* You Are Diminished Eq 2
* All Things Must Last (V2)
* Sylvia
* Arlene (Karaoke Version)

Bonus Track:
* Tarot of the Dawn (Ferrera Omar Mix)

Centurions studio demos – Portland, OR 2010-2011
* Intro to Centurions
* Centurions
* Woodcutters Song
* Falconieri
* All THings Must Last (2010 with drums)
* Control Theory (With Struggle at the Snuggle Factory)
* Followers of the Worm

The Blackwave Songbook (excerpts) – Portland / Yakima 2009-2010
* Touch Defiles (Death in June cover)
* The Tennessee Waltz (Traditional)
* The Thin Ice (Pink Floyd folk mix)

Farewell to Candy – Argentina demos 2011
* When I cry (Produced by Manuel Osorio)
* Understanding the Dawn (produced by Manuel Osorio)
* Sunshine
* Farewell to Candy
* In a Castle
* Child of the Sun


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