Heathen Harvest record review: Riddles of the Worm E.P.

Isis, a contributor on Heathen Harvest recently reviewed the Riddles of the Worm E.P., Annen Berg’s first release on Final Muzik. Below is the text from the HH review:

“Composer Scott Jackson and lyricist Nathan Marcel, both from Oregon, were united some years ago, while producing songs for an independent film. Psychedelic folk pop is in luck! Since then, both of them have been working on many tracks and released three of their best in FinalMuzik’s ‘Riddles of the Worm’. Annen Berg have already come out with ‘All things must last’, in which they take their particular version of folk, pop, psychedelia and rock to another degree. However, ‘Riddles of the Worm’ is absolutely unique: a distorted pop style that clashes in its catchy gaiety with the obtuse dark lyrics. ‘Le Dernier Combat’ is a high powered, fast paced and upbeat sixties flavored tune with a varied instrumentation. Super short and compact. ‘Riddles of the Worm’ only better it, slowing the tempo down and potentiating the vocal harmonies and intricate guitar work.

‘Doom Control’ takes the music one step further, the voice opens with the dark lines ‘prowling the wasteland of the memory stage before we give up what’s at stake / the dangerous game only miles away / they’re naught but prawns, secret waiting’. The guitar moves into the song, tearing some melodies out of the thick layer of harmonics behind the voice. The tempo is slow, almost hypnotic. A flute, shouts and noises plow though the song and the female voice of Laura Arias sweeps each falling note.

Counting on collaborations with Dave Mortensen, Jade Eckler, Pia Da Silva, Oren Selah and Kurt Deutscher; Annen Berg is somber as well as upbeat; visceral as well as elaborated, and strangely meticulous. ‘Riddles of the Worm’ is strange and lingers long in the tips of your thoughts.”

View original review on Heathen Harvest.


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